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Diary of the medical team members who went to Hubei: Successfully pulled out the tracheal intubation, one step closer to the new life

Release Date: 2020-04-26From: Author: Wang Congcong

Editor's note: This is the diary of the medical team members who went to Hubei from Wuhan to China Youth Daily, recording the real work status of the front line。Some patients eat the salt duck from the nurse and show it off like a child getting a reward。Seeing the patient successfully pull out the tracheal tube, the medical team was excited, because the patient was one step closer to a new life。They wish the patient a speedy recovery and watch the traffic together。

Pulling out the tube, one step closer to birth

Yuan Jing, nurse of intensive Care Department of Anmedical University Fourth Affiliated Hospital

It has been almost a month since I came to Wuhan. Today, I have not been idle since I took over the shift. A patient with an intubation tube has continuous CRRT at the bedside and needs to review blood gas on time。The other two patients, one awake on high-flow oxygen with a nasal catheter, and an 85-year-old with a tracheal intubation ventilator。【澳博体育App】

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