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Chongqing Medical Health Industry Co., Ltd. based on the major opportunities for the development of medical health industry, adhere to pioneering and innovation, intensive cultivation。The business field covers pharmaceutical commerce, pharmaceutical industry, medical care and health, forming a relatively complete industrial chain。It owns A-share listed company Heavy Medicine Holdings (000950), national intellectual property advantage enterprise and Chongqing Technology Innovation demonstration Enterprise。

The pharmaceutical industry sector is centered on Chongqing Kerui Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Heavy Pharmaceutical Kerui") and Chongqing Heping Pharmaceutical Co., LTD,It is a national intellectual property advantage enterprise,Chongqing technology innovation demonstration enterprise,Municipal high-tech enterprises, for many years among China's top 100 pharmaceutical industry,Among them, the heavy drug Kerui has a history of more than 100 years,It was formerly known as Hong Kong Xiehua Pharmaceutical Co., LTD in 1914。

Pharmaceutical industry business covers pharmaceutical intermediates, apis, chemical drugs, traditional Chinese medicine, pharmaceutical research and development of five sectors, with oral solid preparations, traditional Chinese medicine granules, aerosol, eye drops, sterile powder injection and more than 40 production lines, CFDA approval number more than 500。It has a number of varieties, such as anti-dizziness tablet, bilevidine, compound Xiongdantong nasal spray, Guixiong pollen oral liquid, methalamine ester and so on。The marketing network radiates the whole country and is exported to India, Germany, Italy, the United States and other countries and regions, among which moneystraw granules, salbutamol aerosol and anti-dizziness tablets are the three major products of the company, which win wide recognition in the market with excellent quality and unique curative effect。With strong R&D strength, it is the "National and local Joint Engineering Research Center for Oral Slow and Controlled Release Preparations", which has developed a number of "major new drug creation" scientific and technological projects, more than 20 products in research, 115 patents (including 13 invention patents), and remarkable innovation achievements。

At present, the pharmaceutical industry to "internationalization, intelligence, characteristic" as the development goal, focus on the construction of Shentian Kerui eye preparation project, the future will be built into a professional production base of ophthalmological drugs。Introduce and innovate processes and high-end products, and continue to build an international pharmaceutical manufacturing platform with industrial chain coordination and value chain sharing。


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